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Mission Partners

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Thank you for making the choice to partner with us! With your generous gifts, we are able to help spread the love of Jesus around the world. 100% of the proceeds go to our Mission Partners.

You may give a single donation by selecting the Donate button below. You may also choose to donate a specific amount monthly by selecting Subscribe.


God bless you for your willingness to give!

Great Door Ministries

We love our partnership with Great Door Ministries. Their assignment; to LOVE VIOLENTLY and their mission is two prong.
First, to serve churches and pastors in the US by opening a door for their people to serve on missions trips to Cuba in local churches and neighborhoods in Old Havana.
Second, through a partnership and strong friendship, GDM collaborates with Los Pinos Nuevos (LPN) Church in Old Havana to feed the elderly.
We are privileged that together, we are able to purchase food and deliver a warm meal to 50 elderly in the neighborhood Monday through Friday, every week of every year, literally being an extension of the love of Christ to a forgotten generation.

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