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Are You Willing to Risk it All?

Matthew 19: 16-26


What if I came to you and offered you a job and the job description sounded like this: Perform duties for me as assigned. Follow me wherever I go and do what I ask. Be obedient and loyal. Would you raise your hand to take the job? Some may think these responsibilities are beneath them or that their skill set would match a much better position. Do you think a CEO would come off his high-paying prestigious job to work for me as my servant? The parable of the Rich Young Ruler has been preached and taught for years. But if you think about it, that young man isn't much different from you and me at times. We want things, we want status or a title, we want to go deeper in God, we sing “I want more of you Lord” but when we learn of the requirements, when we know the cost, some of us drop our heads and walk away. We are not willing to do what it takes to get from where we are to where we want to be. There’s too much at stake.

If you take a look at the life of Jesus, you will find multiple examples where he lowered his status of being the Son of God to become a servant to others. He washed the disciples’ feet, he fed a multitude, he gave His life to save others. The bible says in Mark 9:35 that if anyone wants to be first you have to be last and on top of that you have to be the servant of all.

You may be thinking; “Now, wait just a minute, the word is telling me if I want to be first, I have to be last? That doesn't make sense. Then you mean I have to serve others too?”

I think what God is trying to get all of us to understand is that to gain access to the things we desire, we have to first shift our mindset. Are you focused on tangible and temporary things? Do you desire that which you cannot leave this world with? What is most important to you? The bible teaches in Matthew 6:21 that wherever your treasure is, your heart is. The Rich Young Ruler had too many “things” so he couldn't risk it all and follow Christ. His heart was attached to his stuff. But what about you? What has your heart right now? Are you willing to risk it all to chase after God and have access to eternal life?


Father, thank you for your word. Thank you for challenging me to think about life and that which is most important. Help me to understand what it truly means to be a servant and to adopt a servant’s heart. Father, I desire to chase after you and I am willing to risk it all to follow you. Present opportunities for me to serve others and to love just as you love me.

In Jesus name. Amen


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