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Making HIS Name Famous

John 12:32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me


What a tremendous blessing it is to have the opportunity to launch the ministry that God has placed on the inside of me. It has been a process; one of learning, one of waiting, one of growing and it is not over. I’m excited to share what God has done and what He is doing and my deepest desire is to make His name famous. Earlier in my career, I was a reporter for a popular news station and I’ve had the opportunity to meet famous people, hang out with and get to know them. I’ve also been an anchor on a local television station. Some would even coin me as “famous” and that is a pretty cool compliment. However, that is not my goal in life. I’ve grown to realize that God has called not only me but each of us to ultimately bring glory to His name.

How do you do this?

First, you must recognize that your gifts and talents are meant for a greater purpose. That doesn't mean that you drop acting, modeling, singing, playing football, etc. and become a full-time preacher. That’s not it at all. God gave each of us a gift and calling and each of us is to live our lives and use our gifts in a way that draws attention to the One who created us; God. You can bring glory to God at your desk job by simply sharing kind words to a fellow co-worker. You can bring glory to God by being the best parent you can be. There are many examples of how to bring God glory and you don’t have to be “famous”. I once heard Joel Osteen say (paraphrasing) that there’s nothing wrong with desiring fame or fortune.

What our prayer should be is;

“Lord, make me famous so I can bring glory to your name. Make me the very best at what I’m called to do so I can bring glory to your name.”

Well, that is my prayer and I hope it can become yours as well.


If you’re still stuck and don’t quite know how you can bring God glory, pray this prayer:

Father, thank you for creating me. I thank you because you have created me for a specific purpose. Lord, I don’t know what that purpose is and I’m struggling to see how I can bring glory to your name. I have a desire to fulfill the call you have placed on my life and draw others closer to you. I trust that you will show me how and I will be obedient to do exactly what you are requiring of me. I pray these things in Jesus name.



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