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Give Thanks

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.


Have you ever been around someone who is nauseatingly positive? I mean, EVERYTHING they say has a positive statement at the end. It’s almost as if nothing could keep them from being happy. I think we all know or have encountered someone like that. While these types of people can seem annoying with their “positivism” there is something to be said about looking at the blessing in all situations and giving thanks. It’s easy to be thankful when things are going your way. You get a promotion on the job; praise God. You get blessed with a new home; praise God. The doctor gives you a good report; praise God.

Well, what about when things aren't particularly going your way? How easy is it to give thanks when a loved one is facing a report of stage 4 cancer? Could you praise God in the face of a foreclosure? Even the most positive of people sometimes have difficulty with being thankful in EVERYTHING. The word of God offers up a challenge for the believer; to give thanks in everything. That means that no matter what happens, no matter what comes or goes; give thanks. Notice that the scripture doesn't say to be thankful for everything but in everything. There is always a reason to give thanks even in the midst of a storm. As a Christian, you should always have a praise on your lips and a thankful heart. It is a trick of the enemy to allow a setback or an unfavorable circumstance keep you down. I believe therefore the Word tells us clearly that the will of God is for us to give thanks. That is the key to overcoming. It may sound cliché’ but no matter what you are facing now, remember that it could always be worse. Give thanks for what you have. Give thanks for what you don’t have. Give thanks for the blessing of salvation.

Here’s my challenge to you today: The next time you get ready to complain about anything, say what you are thankful for first. You might see things a little differently once you truly give thanks in all things.

Reflection Have you been struggling to see the “bright side” of life? Are you facing something right now that you cannot possibly see the blessing in it? Pray this prayer: Father, Your word tells me to give thanks in all things but I am simply having a hard time doing that right now. Lord, I need Your help. Please show me the blessing in this situation I now face. I know there is nothing too hard for you and I also trust that You have a purpose and plan for my life. Help me to be thankful in good and bad times. I pray these things in Jesus name.



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