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Unfailing Love

Ever lose something you really cared about? You spend hours and days looking for it. Flipping over couch cushions, checking the drain, behind closet doors, places you know it couldn't possibly be. I'm sure you can relate. Right? Then at the moment you say to yourself "Ah, forget it" , lo and behold here is the long lost item... and it seemed to be right in front of your face. Ha!

That's kind of how "finding love" can be. Many of us search for that special someone. We look at church, at the library, the mall, online, etc. just to find "the one". These searches can leave you feeling exhausted and discouraged...almost to the point of giving up.

Here's a thought...What if you actually did give up? If you stop focusing on your search for "Happily ever after', you might find that what you were looking for was right in front of you all along. The bible says in Matthew 6:33 to seek first after the kingdom of God and His righteousness then all these "things" will be added to you. This passage is a challenge to chase after seek His face and the promise is that the "things" you were concerned with will be added to you. As you change the focus of your search, your wants and desires might shift and begin to align with God's will for your life. So if you are searching for love, learn to fall in love with God first. He will show you how to love and to be loved in return.


Take a look at God's example of Love in John 3:16. It says that God loved us so much that He gave His only son. He willingly gave His son as a sacrifice for us because of his unfailing love. How amazing is that?! That son (Jesus) then died on a cross paying the debt for our sins. Who wouldn't want to know a love like that? God's example demonstrates an unconditional, long-lasting, and unfailing love. This is the kind of love we should show toward one another.

Valentine's Day has come and gone but we can still share and show love daily. 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 gives a good blueprint for love. This passage tells us what love is and what it isn't. It is a reminder for us all to have a heart check every once in a while with the ones we love. Verse number 8 puts it in a nutshell by saying that Love Never Fails.

If you are looking for an unfailing love, I dare you to try Christ. The latter part of John 3:16 says that whoever believes in Him (Jesus) shall not perish but have everlasting life. If you want to know that love and live an everlasting life, pray this prayer:

Dear God,

Thank you for loving me so much that you gave your only son, Jesus, who died for me. I believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, that he died on the cross for my sins and rose again. I ask you to forgive me of my sins, to come into my heart. I accept you now as my Lord and Savior. I believe my sins are forgiven and I have been made new.

Thank you, Lord!


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