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Unleashing Your Purpose

Someone asked me recently how I knew I was called to preach. To me, it was kind of a trick question. You see, I started preaching because many years ago my husband (Pastor James Hart) asked me. I didn't volunteer. I didn't ask. I didn't come, bible-in-tow with a word in my belly. No. I simply accepted the call. Then I did it more and more...and a realization came about that God really did anoint me to preach. The bible puts it like this 'Your gifts will make room for you' (Proverbs 18:16). The Lord started opening doors and people started asking me to come speak. For 2 years I dove into the Word and literally lived, breathed and ate the Bible (no kidding). The Lord revealed so much during that time and today I am able to minister around the world. As I stepped out in faith, knowing that He's got me, I walked right into my purpose.

I bet you opened this post thinking I was going to tell you "The steps to tap into your purpose" or "Discovering how to truly know what your purpose is".

Sorry. This is so NOT that.

BUT If you want to know 3 things you can do to help you on your journey here you go.

1. Pray

Proverbs 19:21 tells us that we can have all the plans we want but its the Lord's purpose that will prevail. This is why you must pray. Something happens when we take time to commune with God. Many times we get an idea or vision of what we want then we ask God for the green light. That is the wrong approach. Dialogue involves talking AND listening. If you want to get closer to your purpose, you have to take dedicated time out to hear from God.

2. Study the Word

If you want to know what your purpose is...SEEK. HIM. FIRST. (Matthew 6:33) This involves getting to know Him. You discover who God is in His word. The word is relevant and alive. God will absolutely reveal to you the truth about who He is, yes, but also who you were created to be.

3. Faith

Joseph's dreams sounded really stupid to his brothers. They made fun of him. They were jealous of him. They wanted to kill him and ended up selling him. But Joseph never gave up and he kept the faith. (see Genesis Ch.37-39) Faith is an absolute requirement when unleashing your purpose because if you have any sort of dream the enemy is right there ready to snatch it out of your heart. Don't you dare give him that power.

Jeremiah 29:11 Tells us that God's plans for us are good. He knows what He has in mind for us. So the key to unleashing your purpose is simple. CHRIST.


Father, thank you for creating me on purpose and with purpose. Your word says that before I was formed, you knew me. I'm ready to live out my purpose now. God show me in your word how to unleash the purpose within. I desire to bring you glory.

In Jesus Name I pray,


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